Expositie First Day of Spring

zo 10-03-2024 - ma 15-04-2024
13:00 - 18:00 uur

Art Unknown Pop Up Art Gallery
Oostkade 10-12


UNKnowN Art Gallery is thrilled to present its upcoming exhibition: First Day of Spring. As the winter season comes to an end, the gallery celebrates the arrival of spring with a curated collection of artworks that embody the freshness and vibrancy of the season.

Susan Meinen (1984) creates captivating compositions using leftover paper forms or paints them on canvas. Her collages and paintings, inspired by nature, feature vibrant, vivid, and unmixed colors. Influenced by zoologist and illustrator Ernst Haeckel, Meinen’s work showcases a rich organic world filled with absurd and fascinating organisms.

Cenk Duzyol (1981), based in Istanbul, has been exploring the relationship between humans and technology since 2004.Through contemporary storytelling, his works examine the impact of technology and modernization on society. Duzyol’s figurative compositions convey a sense of unease and dystopia, yet they include a glimmer of hope and optimism expressed through an ironic and humorous language.

Mike de Vos (1994), a Zaankanter and neighbor of UNKnowN, dedicates his life to art. Studying Illustration at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with a specialization in Data Design, he finds inspiration in old letters, maps, and various materials. His hyper- realistic work showcases new ways of storytelling and he participated on the TV show “The Next Vermeer”.

Nils Westergard (1992), a Belgian-American street artist and filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia, began his artistic journey with stencils and graffiti as a teenager. His unique style involves intricately cut stencils, hip-hop music videos, and large murals exploring themes of intimacy, ego, power, and fragility. Westergard splits his time between Richmond and Amsterdam. He has a passion for Tulips, people, bikes and has been doing walls and exhibi- tions around the globe.

Lisa van Oosten (1997) focuses on paintings exploring the female perspective and her ex- periences as a young woman in today’s society. Delving into themes related to womanhood, spirituality, mental health, and feminism, her works emphasize the supernatural connection shared by women and nature.Through symbolism and magical realistic landscapes, she places modern women in timeless surroundings, breaking away from the male gaze and normalizing the female nude.

Ravian Derrière (1991), also known as “de billenman,” is a talented artist from Amsterdam, whose nickname, translating to “the bootyman,” evolved into Derrière (French for booty). His joyful paintings of women and sunny situations provide instant spring moments for everyone. Premiering at UNKnowN is his new collaboration with his dad, André van Beele.

André van Beele (1960), lifelong enthusiast of comic books and drawing, has extensively painted, primarily on glass. His journey to Australia brought inspiration from Aboriginal culture, clearly reflected in his latest artworks. Ravian and André will be showing own and collab work.

Rogier van Twuijver (1975), an Amsterdam-based artist, uses playful brushstrokes and vibrant colors to depict Amsterdam cityscapes. For this exhibition, he has reinterpreted some Zaanse works of Monet under the pseudonym (Monet Niet) Monet Not in English, in various styles adding his unique touch.